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Success Builders' MasterMind Club

Our founding team recognized the lack of effective business growth programs and has created a one-of-a-kind business club to enhance success. They're confident that given the opportunity, people will create their own success by helping others achieve theirs.

Based on the benefits of coaching, training, motivation, action and accountability, a MasterMind Club helps you create complete business success. Through the club's regular meetings you develop partnerships that provide business information, focused feedback and marketing strategies. You participate in group discussions on specific business topics chosen in advance by members, partner with other members and report to the group on your business achievements.

Because running a business and striving to meet sales goals can be a demanding and isolating experience, The MasterMind Club offers you the essential support, networking and feedback while creating strong, confidential relationships.

Our model is a simple one: Focused relationships that support business growth.

Expert Presentations: Our members receive up-to-date business information and skill-building tools.

Roundtable Discussion: Members discuss and brainstorm on the topics that are most relevant to the members' success. The format is structured by a facilitator.

PAL™Confidant Program: It's designed as a high-functioning coaching program, with members being held accountable to meet performance goals.

Each Club is limited to one member per business category, i.e. a single dentist, chiropractor, insurance agent, etc per Club.

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