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Terri Harley, on
"Sales Communication - or How to Sell More to More People"

This was your chance to stop leaving money on the table! As Terri said, "Salespeople fail in 50% of their prospect approach because they have not been trained in the Science of Influence and the art of Sales Communication. The art of Sales Communication creates immediate rapport, while the Science of Influence persuades the prospect to buy."  If you're serious about raising your sales numbers, we hope you didn't miss this presentation.

terri harley

Contact Terri at:
541 681-9877


Lynn Pocan, on
"Marketing in Tighter Economic Times"

Drawing on her twenty years of experience in advertising, marketing, fund development and management, Lynn discussed her ideas for marketing in these challenging economic times. Adept at business promotion through numerous media - from product development to point-of-sale materials - this was your chance to ask the expert.

lynn pocan

Contact Lynn at:
541 344-0794


Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, on
"Using Your Sense of Humor as a Tool for Business Success"

An award-winning author of 15 books, Leigh Anne is a humorist and stress management expert who helped us know how to use humor to manage stress, embrace change, build teams, and become better leaders. This was your chance to see and hear Leigh Anne invigorate a skill we've had since first grade - our ability to find the fun and funny in life and share our laughter with others.

leigh anne, etc

Contact Leigh Anne at:


Linda Leanne, on
"Finding your Powerful Voice"

Linda helped us hone how others hear us through "The 6 Vocal 'P's for your Powerful Voice".  Those 6 vocal 'P's would be: Projection, Pronunciation, Pacing, Pitch, Passion and Prolix.
Um, you'll have to ask Linda again about that last one.  Did we mention that Linda was a voice coach?

linda leanne

Contact Linda at:
541 344-8192


Alexis Garrett, on
"Why You? Why Now?"

Alexis Garrett said our answer to "Why you, why now?" will form the foundation of our marketing program. Marketing director of AdSense, Alexis has had over 30 years of marketing experience, working successfully with all types of businesses. She helped us understand the 'why' of every action before deciding on the who, what, where... or how much to spend.

alexis garrett

Contact Alexis at:
541 686-1806


MAx Fabry, on
"Business Optimism in a Challenging Economic Time"

MAx is a professional workshop facilitator for the Move On series of workshops, a counselor and a professional speaker on a variety of subjects as well as heading her company, the Online Wellness Association. MAx enabled us to stay focused and optimistic in business... despite these challenging times.

max fabry

Contact MAx at:
541 510-2548


Patty Rappa, on
"How to get Your Website to the Top of the Search Engines"

Patty has been in web marketing since 1997, and has been Creative and PR director for both national and international firms. She let us know how to make the most of our websites to create more business opportunities.

patty rappa

Contact Patty at:
541 484-4000


Barbara Bernadette, on
"Creating Wealth from the Inside Out"

Barbara said that making money is an inside job: "As much as we're apt to believe that our financial success is accomplished by having the right education, the right skills and the right job, millionaires understand that it's their mindset that has created their bank accounts."  Barbara will helped us address our own mindsets those elements that create wealth and those that sabotage our financial goals.

Contact Barbara at:
541 607-6563


Kenneth Welker MD, on
"Controling Stress to Improve Performance"

Dr. Welker of the Oregon Optimal Health center talked to us about stress: the stress response itself, how it is dangerous and detrimental, and illnesses that are associated with it.  But most importantly, he discussed how to effectively control stress ... to improve our performance.

kenneth welker MD

Contact Dr. Welker at:
541 762-1155


Pamela Cournoyer, on
"Change Thinking - Change Outcome"

"When we reap results we don't really want, we often don't recognize that what started us on a journey to where we didn't want to go was ... our own thoughts."  Pamela explored some ways to banish those mental troublemakers in ways easier than, well ... you would have thought!

pamela cournoyer

Contact Pamela at:
541 736-8450


Jill Fetherstonhaugh, on
"How to Select an Attorney that Understands the Principle:
Business First, Law Second"

Jill Fetherstonhaugh is the owner of the Business Law Centre, a law firm located in Eugene, Oregon that provides a broad range of business and employment law services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Currently, Fetherstonhaugh is serving as the Director of the Small Business Clinic in the Center for Law and Entrepreneurship at the U of Oregon School of Law.

jill fetherstonhaugh

Contact Jill at:
541 345-2778


Liz Halley, on
"Communicating Through the Rough Spots"

Liz Halley reminded us that good, effective communication does not happen by accident. Says Liz, "Some people you meet invite easy rapport, whereas others make you entertain thoughts of murder. There is an explanation for this phenomenon, and even some ways to even out the rough spots." Liz gave us directions!


Contact Liz at:
541 284-8504


Anthony Testi, on
"The Proper Care and Feeding of Personal Computers"

Anthony L. Testi has been working professionally with computers for over 25 years. His topics include how information in the computer becomes disorganized, what virus, worms, and Trojans are, and other secrets of inside the box. He is the founder of the custom software development firm, Anthony L. Testi Computer Services.


Contact Anthony at:
541 521-9999


Seminar Presenters

April's Seminar Presenter:

Catherine VanWetter, on
"Your Wealth Mindset"

Catherine VanWetter is an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer and coach who focuses on changing our mindset from 'enough' to abundance. This seminar was an opportunity to create Your Wealth Mindset and rid yourself of limiting thinking and 'enough-is-okay' patterns. Catherine showed how to use NLP techniques to firmly anchor new strategies for success.

catherine vanwetter

Contact Catherine at:

Catherine's seminar was Noon to 1pm, Friday April 18th at the Eugene Public Library, 100 W. 10th Ave.

March's Seminar Presenter:

Alan Thayer, on
"The 3 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Employers Today"

Alan Thayer, partner in the Innovative Law Group, presented on the risks confronting today's employers, many of whom are unaware of the legal perils facing them. Says Alan, "At this very moment, 150,000 employers are being sued by their current or former employees." This was a serious 'heads up' for all the employers in the crowd.

alan thayer

Contact Alan at:

Alan's seminar was Noon to 1pm, Friday March 21st at the Eugene Public Library, 100 W. 10th Ave.

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